Fossil Jewelry, and other

So, many have seen my start with jewelry here: First trial at jewelry.

I decided, being a Michigan native, that I had REALLY been lax by never having engraved out state stone, which is a Great Lakes fossil. So, I threw some Petoskey into my Glowforge, and this is what I got.

I chased it with some agate from one of my suppliers, since she has potential buyers for exactly this kind of engraved stone.


Lovely! (Lots of Michigan stuff today!) :grinning:

Well, all my kids are out of state, so I like sending them reminders of home.


Awesome stuff. Very cool.

I’m also here in Michigan but I am still awaiting my forge (just got my email on Friday) and would love to do some jewelry pieces.

Hi what settings did you have?

We’re only allowed to talk setting on non-proofgrade materials in the #beyond-the-manual area of the forums.