First trial at jewelry

When I was looking for ideas, I decided to see about jewelry. Then inspiration struck. I found a supplier carrying agate that had been edged in gold and been prepared as a pendant. It was a beautiful piece, in green. Green is my oldest daughter’s favorite color.


She is (or has been) obsessed with turtles for a long time.


Enter Glowforge and a little work.

I’m pretty much set for her for Christmas, once I get a chain for it. The downside? I can’t post it publicly or to my store, because the girl is smart. If she sees me with a piece of green agate engraved with a turtle, she knows what Christmas will be.

Now I need to find pieces for my other daughters.


I like that! :grinning:


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh … very nice!



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What a nice even engrave! That turned out great.

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I was very happy with the results. Now I have to order more pieces so I can cover my other kids AND put some on the store.

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Lovely! Do you mind sharing your supplier for these?

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AWESOME!! Just beautiful

Did you have to put anything on the agate? I can’t believe it engraved like that!


Would be glad to share my supplier for this piece. I plan for them to be my supplier for most pieces like it. It will have to wait until after work, though. They run an Etsy shop, and I’m sure they’d love the business. :joy::rofl:

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That was dropped straight into the laser unmasked. I did use some magnets just for positioning, but no other prep was required. I need to dial in my settings, though. My first try required a second run to come out that clearly.


My supplier for this agate was:

I will be shopping for more pieces there, too.


SO wonderful!

Just ordered a number of additional pieces there. If they turn out even half as well as this piece, I will be thrilled.

Stealing the concept. Now off to find something to put an owl on :grinning: oh, and something birds or puppies would fit.


Really nice, and great to see that agate engraves so beautifully. I had wondered about semiprecious stones, and I’m delighted to see some positive results.


Steal away. I certainly don’t have to be the only one engraving jewelry pieces.

Well, I’m ordering more pieces to see what else I can put an image on. We will see.

You’re market cornering isn’t at risk - I only have a daughter & a wife to make them for :grinning: