Found stray washer in unit

While setting up, I found a black rubber washer lying stray in the bed of the unit. 14 mm outer diameter, 8.4mm interior diameter.

Should I be concerned?


Sounds like every experience I have ever had with Ikea type furniture. So what are these pieces left? Good luck, hope it is not some important piece.


I think it came off the red knob screw that held the gantry in place for shipping.


Thanks for letting us know about this

It looks like the rubber washer that comes on the two red knobs which keep your laser arm in place during shipping.

Would you mind checking each screw and letting us know if one of the black, rubber washers is missing?

Red Knob


I had some thing happen to me. And it is from one of the screws.


i had the same thing happen to me, i found a washer inside when i was openning it

The black rubber washers go on the red screw pins you remove during setup. You can slide it right back on in case you need to use the pin later.

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