Found this place: custom fabric design

OH this is cool.
I can feel some new stuff coming on.


I have used Spoonflower with good results. Here are some napkins my wife made out of fabric printed with a design I created. They are starting to fade just a little but we have been using them about a week a month for the last three years (therefore they have been washed over 30 times).


Very nice! And good quality.
Our youngest (9) is getting into fabric design.
I’m quite liking this one.


Is this printed on fabric, or woven with colored thread?

Not sure which of us you are asking. In my case, Spoonflower prints onto fabric. I have seen a couple places that will do custom woven fabric but the cost is high and so is the minimum order.


Again, printed.

Fabric Print on Demand sites:

In the US

In the EU
and spoonflower has expanded to has a German office as well

Woven Fabric

  • I forgot to add WOVNS. The finished product is woven (rather than surface printed).


Some of these sites also print/make wallpaper, gift wrap, tea towels, pillows, etc.

full disclosure - I am a designer / seller on all of these sites. look me up as Studio Fibonacci.


Thanks for the links!
I really like the Nautilus patterns! Some beautiful Italian marble slabs I put in my shower had 10" ammonite fossils in it which reminded me of the Fibonacci spiral.

How are you doing Aunti? Hanging tough I see.


my standard reply to the question “how you doing?” is “upright and breathing independently”. and that’s a reasonable description, and oddly good. :wink: still here. working on getting used to eye tracking software for mouse control…


Really happy to hear from you. :slight_smile: I couldn’t find you searching - would you mind providing direct links to your work?


Sorry Auntie, I should have known you get tired of hearing that.
It only seems “oddly good” to those of us who are oblivious to your burden. While you battle to remain upright and breathing independently, we just wander through the fog of our perception wishing we could get our Glowforge…

Good for you, great idea! The best technology could offer my Wife’s mother was a little keyboard with synthesized speech. She loved the 4th of July fireworks and the “Whee!” she typed, in the flat tone of Steven Hawking’s voice from the device cracked us all up. She never lost her smile!

Your strength of character in the face of the struggle serves to teach those around you. My mother-in-law taught me the meaning of grace. Her strength and spirit humbled me, as does yours.
Rock on AuntiMame! And thank you for sharing with us!


spoonflower is my main source of income on Print on Demand sites… I do still work a couple of hours each day at my “real” job. For the record I have the world’s greatest boss :wink: although I’m sure @dan is a close second.

As you can see by the extensive list I’m doing my best to create an income stream for when I can no longer work in any meaningful way. so without further ado, here’s the complete list of all my PoD stuff:

Fabric/Wallpaper/Gift Wrap

Clothing/ Home Goods/Everything Else

Graphic Design


Oh my gosh this is so amazing!!! @AuntiMame, you’re gifted. Just bought some presents from spoonflower. Incredible work.


nah. it’s a normal thing to ask. If the situation was reversed I’d ask the same question.
my “upright” answer is my “I’m in a good mood, so I’ll try for a bit of (odd) humor.” When I’m cranky I actually give a full and reasonably medically accurate reply. Then I get a perverse satisfaction in seeing the squirm while having to listen. (yeah, I’m evil like that) ;-D


thanks. It’s not false modesty when I say I know the limits of my artistic talents. But it’s fun doing the work, and I’d be lying if I said that getting the occasional compliment wasn’t an ego boost. :wink:

But there are some truly amazing designers on Spoonflower.


(Snicker) you are entitled!


What an astonishing variety of designs you have! Something for everybody in there–thanks for sharing!


@bridget I hope you don’t mind but I edited the title. Hope to get more interest in a good topic.

I went to the Fabric and Textile Museum in Lyon, France in May. The highlight were the exquisite fabrics on display. I was inspired by @AuntiMame’s designs to post these pics.


Please do. Auntie has raised this thread to a whole new level and I, for one am loving it!
Just as an aside, I went to the tapestry museum(s) at Aubusson this summer. Just fantastic!
Next time you find yourself in Central France, I highly recommend a visit. As I would to the Museum of Cutlery in Thiers.


@marmak3261 these are stunning examples of surface design. thank you for posting them. Things like this gladden my soul.