Founder Ruler Missing from App Page

I picked up our Pro unit from the UPS depot this morning. I Finally got to the point to try to print the Founder Ruler and I do not see it on the App Page. I did print the mini puzzle. It cut out, except that the kurf seems a little wide. I do not know if this is intentional.

Does anyone know where I should be able to find the founders ruler?

Don’t believe the gap in the puzzle is intentional, just not possible to get it smaller the way it was cut. Commercial puzzles are created differently. The gap between pieces on the catalog puzzle is just the kerf of the laser for a particular material. Only way to get it tighter would be to cut each piece independently (sides of the pieces not sharing a side or touching) adjusting the pieces for kerf.


Do we have a specification for the kurf?

I just checked my app page and it’s there. At the home tab you should see several designs on the left two thirds of the page. If not, keep scrolling down and click the show more button if needed…it should be there titled Glowforge Founder Ruler.

I can see more designs when I use the up and down keys, but there is no show more button or the ruler.

Kerf is dependent upon material, power and speed.


The kerf measurement is material, power and speed dependent, so you basically have to make a test cut and measure it. I often start with about 0.2mm as a guess and work from there when I’m doing test fit.

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(And focus)


Are they die cut? It’s weird to suddenly realise that for 30ish years I’ve never once considered how a puzzle is made.

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It’s a lot harder to make a bald eagle catching a fish though with a die cutter :wink:


the founders ruler has never been available for me either…

I also never had the founders ruler on my page. Wasn’t really concerned

I’m researching!

Thanks for your patience.

@jgf, @mensaboy88, and @BSheremeto you should see the Founder’s Ruler in your list of designs now.

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