Foxy Coasters

I’ve mainly been doing tests on the GF in the few days I’ve been able to use it but last night I decided to make something that can actually be used.

Here are a couple of simple coasters with the logo of the company I work for on them. One with an outline around the engrave and one without, still deciding which I like better. These have a single coat of polyurethane on them (more to follow), found out the hard way that the maple plywood has a finish on it already.

I really like the texture of the engraved wood, but want to try an inlay version, it will definitely take less machine time.

Christmas presents are going to be so easy this year!

Proofgrade Medium Maple Plywood
Adjusted engrave speed from 500 to 750.
About 33 mins for each 4" coaster



Very nice. I’m partial to the one with the outline.


Very elegant looking! I think I like the outlined one better too.

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I like the outline. I tend to use one when doing this kind of thing. I like the nice clean lines.

I like the outlined one too. :grinning:

(If you use Proofgrade ply and Proofgrade veneer, they both have a finish on them, so you don’t need to do anything to them after. Although with coasters, you might still want to seal them.)

Yeah, I figured that the engraved area needed a sealer, for waterproofing and to preserve the look. Ended up having to sand off my initial 1st coat, but I was afraid of sanding too much of the engraved area. For most of my applications I would probably prefer unfinished stock.

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I did a kitchen brush holder that sits right next to the sink and it gets splashed (a lot). It’s held up perfectly (so far) with just a light coat of Krylon spray.

That’s after about 8 months, and no promises on how well it would hold up if water seeped down into cracks, but it’s been impressively hardy so far. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Voting for the one with the outline. This fox is great, I would definitely use it on more things.

Another vote for the outlined one - I think the image looks crisper and cleaner. Great job!

Beautiful, simple, design. Gorgeous!!

I also vote for the one with the outline.

You need to move to Las Vegas. I was in Florida last week and wondering why my glass was always so wet on the outside. :laughing:

OK, not really but it is so dry out here that the only time I see a glass leave a ring is when somebody spills the contents. :wink:


But then I wouldn’t need a coaster :disappointed:


The heck you say! - I’ll be making some coasters when the time permits.

Yeah, I’ve visited. To my great shock, I found out the temp was in the high nineties. Felt like seventy. (It really is the humidity.) :rofl:

It does make a difference. In CT I hated it when the temp got over 85, here I’m good to 105. When it pushes 120 it a bit too much - it is a dry heat but so is an oven. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: And don’t forget that I cooked an entire roast on my dashboard last summer.