Framed my children's art



Look what the Shapiro family did this afternoon!

It’s black plexiglas frame, clear plexiglas protecting the art, then a plywood back.


Great idea…I’ve done custom laser cut matting to fit my kids art into a specific frame…but why buy a frame when you can just make your own custom size…lol
Nice watercolor effect btw…:grinning:


The wife has asked me about whether the Glowforge can do custom matting. Yes it can cut it. But I would imagine you can’t get the beveled look of professional matting and you will be left with charred edges?


I’ll take pics of some of the ones I still have…yeah no beveled edge but you can engrave on them with masking then color fill etc.


Once you cut the matting, wouldn’t it just be a question of running a beveling tool along the inside edge? Personally, I’d need a jig to brace the tool against because straight cut isn’t something I can do, but again glowforge.


Yes you could do that but with the laaer you can cut out shapes into the matting and not be bound by just straight edges…


Are you another person who keeps staring at the world and thinking, that doesn’t have to be a rectangle? And FYI - those rounded edges, still a rectangle.


Lets move the conversation about cutting mat boards to a new topic…
Sorry @dan didn’t intend for my first comment to hijack your post…:grinning::grinning:
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Thanks Joe!! :+1:


Most definitely…I like going way out of the box…Although l see the world in patterns and shapes…logic meets artistry…sometimes can be annoying and distracting though…I have alot of artistic friends and sometimes I wish I could turn off the logic part of my brain more…lol


I have a souvenir from the '84 world’s fair that has needed a frame since, but nothing has inspired me, till now.
The item is a raster image of my wife and I, done on clear acrylic with a black piece to back it and make it stand out. Accomplished with a pointed stylus that would strike (hammer) the surface to different depths to achieve detail.
I discovered how edge lighting the acrylic made it pop, and had thought of doing a wooden frame - which would have been OK, but really didnt inspire me. Your acylic frame just solidified the project!
Thanks for the idea!
I imagine the kids anticipate your arrival so they can present their ideas and beg for authorization to push that big button! What’s the menu of materials Dad??
A laser that will trace their artwork, and they watch their idea become reality… magic for propagating imagination.


Very cool! Both the artwork and the frame / cover. I am really looking forward to making things like this.


Dan… You may have a laser, but your child has a gift :slight_smile:


This is what we did. My daughter was in Joseph for their spring musical this weekend. I added the school drama dept info and dates to the logo BMP and then etched it into the black acrylic. Once I cleaned off the plastic dust I “painted” each color band with glue before dusting it with glitter. Turned out to be a nice reminder of her last play in high school (she’s heading to college in the fall).

I made one for her director out of clear acrylic, mirror etched in the back and then lit by an LED strip in a base on the bottom.

Did a bunch of other stuff for the set using the laser to cut out complex patterns from MDF so we could backlight them.


How cool! Pro job.


Very cool. Frames have been on my list of things to do when I get my GF. I have a lot of projects that need custom sizes.


What you did there…I see it!