Framing my wife

At my wife’s practice when the euthanize a pet they will often take a paw-print and put it into a frame for the owner as a memorial. When they got the latest frames they didn’t come with glass, so she asked if I could cut them on the Glowforge. Of course, laser all the things!. The problem was not the rectangular frames, those were easy (6x4 with rounded corners) it was the heart shaped ones. I am sure @palmercr would build a OpenSCAD file that can calculate a heart shape, but I figured hey there is the cardboard “fake photo” that all picture frames have in them. First attempt was I took a piece of copy paper and traced around it, but that turned out not to be as precise as I needed (mostly due to crappy tracing skills with a marker). Anyway, said “hey it’s already a dark black shape!” Threw that in and used the trace function on the heart itself. I found it worked better using the :proofgrade: acrylic as a backing material. And you need to have it dead under the camera to get the size correctly. But it matched the cardboard insert exactly.

Of course I didn’t want to engrave the family photo onto the acrylic, so just selected the cut and ignored the engrave. She needed 6 so a few copy-pastes later…


The trace and ability to copy and paste right in the UI are cool innovations. Whole new workflow.



That… Is just awesome. If for some reason I ever open a photo studio I’m stealing that


I LOVE the trace feature. Saves so much time for me as I like to draw out a lot of stuff and hate the programming part. It’s why I got JorditheForge.