Frank Lloyd Wright inspired Lamp

My first thought was that it would make a great new look for the Doctor.


Looks awesome!! :star_struck:

Thanks! Again, I really can’t take credit for the design, but the implementation was a little different.

Wonder with LED lighting it could be run off of batteries and cut the cord.

I’m fond of the 3000K bulbs that have been showing up lately. I find their slight yellow to be a happy medium between the orangish color of 2700K and the harsh blue of 5000K.

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I tried at first but the effect is meh and the vertical space used before a light was too much (because of the battery) finally, it is quite harder to access it to open and close than a power cord.

I get that. My brain was to have them on the patio.

Weirdly I can see everything in either 2700k or 5000k just by changing which eye I look from. Even the computer screen has a yellow cast that the un messed with eye sees but bright white with the new one.


Absolutely, it’s actually just powered from a phone charger cable and could easily be modded to run on batteries. I just don’t need it to be mobile for my use.

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