Free 8-Bit Sword/Knife

If you have any kids that like Minecraft, here is a sword file I worked up when I first got my Glowforge and had subsequently forgotten about. (1.8 MB)


Thank you for sharing

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Thank you!

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No problem. I hope you find it useful.

Same one as here?

No. This is Minecraft-style.

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Thank you

Ooh, I wonder how this would cut out of foam! My son will love this! Thank you

I posted the file on my YouTube channel with some foam settings in the description.


Kind of you to share your work!

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Thank you! I know someone who is gong to be a very happy big boy. :blush:

Epic design my man! Please Please make a pickaxe!

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Thanks for the design!
We just got our GF and decided to try this as our second cut (after the gift of good measure as an easy first cut).

Did I do it right? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Ha! I suspect our mistake was a common newbie mistake. Next time I’ll change that path to a score instead of a cut…

Either that or give my kids some glue and tell them some assembly is required.

Thanks again!


That’s taking 8-bit design really seriously!


Make a cool gift box and tell them it’s a minecraft sword puzzle!