Free catalog designs?

I remember being told that we would get all the designs that were in the promotional video for free.
I understand that we can’t get the catan board due to licensing, but what about the globe, monitor stand, wallet, journal, handbag, street map, rocketship bookshelf, dollhouse, and drone?


catan board is available here :

For the rest I don’t know. have my GF yet so I don’t have access to the design shop.


thats pretty cool that you get that design for free

They’re working on getting the rest of the designs ready for the catalog. :grinning:



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As of 16 Nov, there are 60+ designs in the catalog and about 10% of them are from the video, with more on the way. Once you have access to the GF app, those designs will automagically appear on your dashboard, ready to use.


I cannot get this to load in the interface. It always errors for me.

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The PDF actually pre-dates the interface and is not optimized for the current hw/sw versions. Others have had success by opening the pdf in their vector editor of choice (AI, AD, Inkscape, etc.) and copying like elements to individual 12x20 svg files and going from there.

The files need a bit of editing anyway as some of the port tiles have the wrong conversion rates on them. :wink:


Thanks. Of all the things I think of, didn’t think of that. I will look into it later. Got some various woods to play with for this, and that might be were my Inventables code goes.

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Hi, Was there ever a solution to this problem? I just received my GF and when trying to access the designs in the catalog by clicking the green link marked “open my design” all i’m getting is an error message.

Catalog is

Should be able to get there if you have your glowforge.

I can access the catalog and scroll through it no problem. But I can’t use the designs in it. Specifically the ones that are clearly marked as ones I already own.

Just checked on my own, it is loading them. It seems that it might be a matter for support specifically.

That’s what I’m trying now. Thanks!

Rather than clicking on the Open My Design link, have you located that design in your home Design space? It should be already loaded there.

I believe I have seen many of them on

Is that the page that opens as “home” page on Glowforge. Where all of the uploaded projects that I have worked on shows up?

Yep! And now I see that you don’t have any of the free preloaded catalog designs. This is one for Support to handle, for sure.

Nearly a month now and I still can’t access the design catalog. Only one reply from support saying

"I’m so sorry you can’t find your catalog designs.
We’ll get them back to you soon. "

I sent a message to support on the 11th and received that reply on the 18th.


That’s not right - I’ll have support check. My guess is there’s something complicated amiss so it took longer to investigate, but it’s also possible it just fell through the cracks. Either way, I apologize.

FYI you’ll get a faster reply if you need us to double check something by either posting a new Problems & Support topic or mailing support@ (although not both - that slows things down). We don’t always see posts in other categories.

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