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One of the many sites I track for fonts/design are and If you can tolerate their daily-spamming mailing list, they both offer a download of some giveaways each week.

With Easter coming round the corner, they’ve got some freebie designs that I thought might look nice to laser:

Edit: Forgot to mention - EPS, PNG and JPG images included in many cases

Where do I find designs for free/purchase?
Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 1st, 2017

Hey, thanks!


Nice! :relaxed:


Thanks for the link. I have a lot of sites like this bookmarks, but these two are new to me.


Something else to note about them: they’re a site that almost ALWAYS have a “sale” on. It’s basically their constant state of being. Don’t be too surprised if any of their “limited time offer!” for anything comes up multiple times in the year.


Lol, sounds like Udemy (only 12 hours left…until we reset it for tomorrow :smile: )


Or Harbor Freight’s weekly “Clearance” sales!


I love free. :blush:


Reminder of the rules of the Free Laser Designs section - it’s only for your original designs. Links to other people’s work can go in Project Inspiration.


Ah…just found them and searched to see if it has been mentioned on here… :laughing::smiley:


Just in case someone is interested, this week’s free Design Bundle includes woodland creatures, including this ugly cute little critter:


Ooooooh! (squeeeeeeeee) :smile: :hedgie:


Downloaded that earlier today… :smile: :hedgie: