Free gift and Announcements in Community


My free gift is still “Home for the Holidays”

Also, i haven’t seen a new announcement since Feb. 2020

Is it just me? Are my setting wonky?

That’s definitely wonky!

First I’d suggest going in and clearing the cache in your browser. If that doesn’t clear it right up you should go to and then come back here and post the URL They generate. A staff member can look at that and see what’s going on.

Also, it’ll tell you things like whether your browser is up to date, etc.

Thanks, sadly not the browser. I just logged in from a dif one that I’ve never used with GF.

I think it’s not been reset from when i had issues a while back.

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My free gift is the same as yours, and the Announcement was a typo that should have read February 2021. I think you are up to date.

I have Home for the Holidays as well

I do not see Home for the Holidays anywhere? Is that the Design of the Month? or one of the Christmas Gifts? Or where do you find this “Free Gift”?

Click on the package icon in the Dashboard by your Glowforge’s name.

Ah! Yeah, mine shows Home for the Holidays when I click the package too - but the sidebar is showing the Greenhouse…are you seeing that?

Yes. The design of the month is different than the random free gifts that are given via the package icon.


Here’s what I got (9:31 PM EDT):

It’s this: image that’s getting the

I’m guessing when they changed format to putting the design on the sidebar more permanently they forgot to update the last “gift box” design

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I think the “Design of the Month” that shows now in the sidebar is the “Free with Premium” design.

The little gift freebie is one that they update periodically, it’s free for everyone as long as they see it and download it before it goes away, and it hasn’t been updated since Christmas time. (They do those at irregular intervals though…sometimes it’s monthly, sometimes it’s a little batch of them at one time and then nothing for a while.)


Exactly, it just used to also show up in the sidebar, but now they’ve switched that up so they’re different.

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Thanks for the input everyone, that’s right!

  • The Design of the Month should be on the right-hand side of your dashboard, and it’s Free with Premium.
  • We change the free designs under the gift box icon periodically, but they are not associated with Glowforge Premium. The most recent one is “Home for the Holidays.”
  • Thank you for pointing out the discrepancy in the February announcement date! I’ve alerted the team so we can get that fixed.

I’m going to close this thread - if you have further questions, please post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!