Free Glowforge key chain


Thanks Glowforge
Nice gift and advertisement for the capabilities of this printer
Printed it on hardwood maple
Came out great


that is legit! i need to make one once i get my printer…next year. i still believe!!!


Metric version would be slick… is there an option?




Come on, there is a 5mm hole there, what more could you and the rest of the world need :-):grin:


You need one of these clips to keep it in the keyring


Or Metric on the other side!


I think both this and the ruler need to get that upgrade once the software supports the “flip over to engrave the back” feature!


I second that!

And that too!!


And a yardstick for the pass through.


And a proper meter stick too, of course.


You contradicted yourself with meter and proper in the same sentence.



metric ruler will work on the other side but not the holes.

on another note can the GF make a tread pitch gauge.


1/8" hole=3mm (at least close enough for this - within 5%)
1/4"=6mm (ditto)
1/2"=12.7 (or 13)mm

I printed one out last night but didn’t measure to see if it was kerf adjusted so not sure if the holes are precise now or not.


Love the new keychain! It’s already on my keyring. Thanks Glowforge!


I’m just getting around to wanting to make this key chain and I can’t find it. Should it be in our “Home” page in the app? Or in the catalog? Or was it a free file a forum member shared?


Should be on the homepage of the app… the Gift of Good Measure.


Well that’s odd. I just went to double check (quadruple check to be precise) the app and it suddenly appeared as the newest design.


IIRC at least one person didn’t get it added to their design page. You can contact support if it’s not there.