Free premium design of the month can’t add to dashboard

I’m trying to grab the Wrapped in a Mystery Puzzle Box — which claims to still be free for premium owners — but when I’m logged in it still only shows as add to cart / checkout. (I have successfully added other free-with-premium designs to my dashboard this week.)

Am I missing something?

I had to add it to my cart, and then “pay” for it at a cost of $0, then it appeared in my dashboard.


I got mine in the same way as above but I can’t find the install instructions. I can’t figure out how to put it together ha ha

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It took mine awhile to show up as well, but when you purchase it (for free) it will automatically show up, eventually. You may have to refresh or restart the dashboard

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Aha, indeed. I’ve “bought” this design now. Thanks all!

Well, consider this some UX feedback, then: it’s strange that the permanently-free-for-premium designs go straight to “add to dashboard” without shopping-cart+checkout while the temporarily-free-for-premium designs take you through the checkout step.

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I’ve printed two and cant figure out what the three little pieces and rectangle piece is for lol

Please check the assembly instructions…click on the little 3 vertical dots icon in the interface, then on Design Details. The instructions will pop out at the right in a PDF that you can download.

Most folks need to follow the instructions to assemble that one. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks all for your help!

In order to get the Design of the Month, you will need to go through the free checkout process. It’s a little different than the Free with Premium Design.

I’m glad to hear you’ve successfully got the design!

I’m going to close this thread. Thanks!