Free rhinestone font on the 17th of every month

This site has a font giveaway once per month and today is the day.


Kind of curious how the laser will deal with this font.

Should be no problem; it would be expanded and then engraved… I wouldn’t foresee any issues. It looks like they are all just individual/separated rhinestones.

It should engrave like anything else.

But to use it for rhinestones you’d want to convert the filled shapes to outline-only shapes.

Fonts like this are handy because someone else has done the work of making nice letterforms with uniform circles… You can use them for rhinestones or any other thing where you’re using an array of identical round objects, like LEDs.

Though, there is a bug with cutting arrays of circles. Short version, cut an array like this at high speed and some circles will cut too fast, meaning they don’t cut through. (my bug report)

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