Free SVG files and Templates for Downloading

This site usually posts 10 or more free files on weekdays: free for personal use.


Wicked cool! Thanks.

I have two Silhouette machines as well. I like cutting vinyl with my Silhouette. Need to sell my older one (Silhouette SD) as we bought a newer model. Just never seem to get around to it. Glad I found out we shouldn’t cut vinyl with a laser…just justified that Silhouette keeping it’s place in the tech room. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’ve got five of them…I really need to get rid of a couple that I don’t use any more.

Five! Really I only have one and I haven’t really got into it. have all kinds of supplies though. Going in three directions, 3d printer (1st) Silhouette (2nd) … hurricanes and and now :glowforge: (3rd) I’m conflicted…

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Yep, original blue Wishblade, red Wishblade, Gazelle, Scrap Savvy, and Silhouette. I did a lot of product testing and writeups on them to see which ones were better than the others.

(They’re all about the same, do the same things depending on price point, the only difference is the ease of use of the software. Gazelle (for power and price) and Silhouette (for software) win hands down on those. Silhouette took it with the Studio software for the lightweight stuff.)


3d printers = 3 (Oni; local person created it//Ultimaker 2+//Ultimaker 3) The Ultimaker 3 is a dual extruder (2 color printing or 1 color and 1 dissolvable support material ). Love the Ultimakers as they are the most reliable that I have had experience with at the Maker Space. The first one was a home made Prusa (look at it crooked and it would go out of alignment!) Won’t fault it though…it basically introduced me to my now fiance’ who taught me how to build it. :wink: … sounds like a familiar Christmas tune…

3 3D printers, 2 Silhouettes and a Glowforge that can cut and engrave! ha ha been a long day…


Yeah, got a couple of Makergear M2 Duals as well. (It hasn’t been much of a conflict lately though, the :glowforge: has been getting all of my attention for the last couple of years.)

I hear Makergear has come out with an M3 Dual now though - independent dual heads and Wifi control. (And it’s been out long enough that the kinks are probably worked out.)

Might be time to revisit. :slightly_smiling_face:

Have to admit. I’m evenly torn right now between the GF and the FormLabs Form2. Fortunately they can run simultaneously!!! Weeeee. This whole resin printing world is altogether different in kind. My lulzbot still gets a good workout though too. The Maslow is here but waiting for a garage reorg which may be just as well since I’m about forty (thousand) projects behind in general.


Too Funny !, So is mine and I have the sled/ring update in shipment. Oh well…

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This site has a ton of free files. I linked to some of her cards, but there are more so look around: :slight_smile:


Oh cool! Another source! (Thanks Martha!) :grinning:

My pleasure!

(I was going through my bookmarks of freebies and realized it wasn’t listed here!)

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Well your list is probably a heck of a lot better than mine! Post any others you run across! :wink:

You bet!!

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You know about this one, right?


Here’s a page with numerous (get it? :grin:) rulers: Printable rulers

They are PDF format so no fussing needed unless you want to remove their webpage url.



Ooooh! Got that one bookmarked now! Awesomeness! :grinning:

I just found this site, there are hundreds of free pumpkin carving patterns.

Pumpkin Lady They download as PDFs but you’ll need to fiddle with them to use on the GF.



Oh, cool! (And very timely!) I wonder if we can laser a pumpkin? :thinking:
(Need to ask @henryhbk …he would know.) :smile: