Free SVG files and Templates for Downloading



Decided to share a few of my favorite blogs and sources for free SVG files, for those of you who haven’t gotten into vector design yet, but want to have a few things to use right off the bat. You can open these files in Illustrator, Inkscape or CorelDraw and play with making a few simple modifications to them to get your feet wet.

Lots of the stuff is more oriented to scrapbooking and card creation, but a telephone is a telephone either way, and there’s a lot of stuff to look through. (By the time you get done looking and downloading - your machine will probably be here, and it’s a fun way to kill some time.) :smile:

So without further ado, and in no particular order, I give you:

The Dreaming Tree


The Free SVGs Blog

MTCSCAL e-files

Monica’s Creative Corner

Tara’s Craft Studio


This one is not actually an SVG site, but scherenschnitte, (the art of detailed papercutting), is something that will lend itself very well to laser, and there are a lot of patterns here that we can use.

Mirkwood Designs Box Templates

Again, these are not SVG format, but easily traced and super handy for knocking out last minute gift boxes.

That’s probably enough to get a good start - there are many many more - just depends on how much time you want to spend looking.

(And I’ll make this a Wiki in case someone else has a nice source they’d like to add.)

Edit April 25, 2017:
A variety of brand and product logos in SVG that might come in handy for something:

Where do I find designs for free/purchase?
New to laser cutters - wondering how to get ready
Patterns for Laser cutting
Laser Gift Box Patterns on Etsy
Show and Tell
Design newbie seeks help for first project
Format available on glowforge app
Any ideas for an "anticipation kit"?

The big question would be: How many of these are rotating offerings, and how many are static?

That is, which do we need to be watching like a hawk, downloading and saving locally, and which can we just go to whenever we have a need?


These are all static - the ones that rotate I didn’t even bother with.


Thanks! Forwarded to my daughter as I’m sure she’ll use straight away on silhouette.


Thanks for this! I can attest to the quality of, she’s got some lovely gazebo patterns. If you like her work you can send a donation, and so I did.


Thanks @Jules


My pleasure gang! :slight_smile:

There are some other sites that have very good choices as well, but they’re a little harder to use. (Lots of clicking involved to get to the goodies, and no previews.)


Thank you for sharing this info! My hope is to create original work, but these templates provide a great way to explore and experiment right off the bat.


Very good! Bookmarked, thanks!


Thank you! You’re awesome!




THANK YOU SO MUCH! There is so much awesome content in those links!


I found that Instructables had a lot of free files including this one on how to build a mechanical iris.


Love, thanks for the template files.


Just seen these - they will be really useful. Especially the boxes.
Thank you.


Thank you Jules! These are awesome!


My pleasure! :relaxed:



This one I’ve used for years - the mother of all template makers - input your dimensions - even should you wish, your glue and material thickness and it will give you the template for loads of box styles - in pdf, sag, or dxf- awesome site


Not exactly files, but every day they are posting a different free font, comes with commercial license: