Free Thanksgiving Earring Design

Hey all! I was lucky enough to participate in my local food bank’s annual Thanksgiving turkey drive this week. We fed over 1500 people in the first hour!

What kind of Glowforge owner would I be though if I didn’t create some special earrings for the occasion? In the spirit of giving back, you can make your own pair of Give Thanks earrings for the big day tomorrow (or to give away to someone special). If you don’t have ear wires and jump rings handy, you can easily make some out of any spare wire you’ve got lying around.


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!



Did you zip it and upload the zip file? Discourse, the forum engine, does funny things, otherwise…

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I took off the ! before the filename and the link displayed. Seems to have uploaded correctly.


Thanks for the file, and thanks to your local food bank!

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Cute idea. Thanks for the share!

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I made some too. It was one of my first projects.


Cute idea, thanks!

Could you email me the link? I click on the file and nothing happens

“Right” click and choose “save as”? Welcome.

When I right-clicked and saved, I still couldnt see anything, but if you open it up in inkscape and change to outline view, it shows up…


Thank You for the file, and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.


Yeah, when I opened it in inkscape it was off to the left and saved in a color that can get lost in the all white work area.


Not how it shows up in my software, so I can’t say. Can’t plan for compatability in every software.

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No big hill…keeps people on their toes! :crazy_face:

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These are just lovely. To help those who might be stuck, here’s a zip with an SVG that might read better in other software. I verified that once you unzip it, you can drag and drop it into the Glowforge dashboard.

Give Thanks (1.9 KB)


Thanks Dan!

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