Thanks Giving Earrings

Here are some earrings I made this evening for my wife to wear to work tomorrow.

thanks giving earrings-01

cut and engraved.

Or she can switch them and they say “giving thanks”.


Nice. The message will depend on which side you see her first from. :sunglasses:


They came out great. Your first project? Nice job!

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No, I have had a busy weekend. It was my second one for her. Here was the first for her.

Quick sketch and scan. I had some trouble adjusting the contrast of the scan in the gfui, I could not get the heart to fill in. Just turned the drawing 90° and it filled fine.


Those are adorable! :smile:

(For adjusting how much gets filled in, when you do the Trace in the GFUI, you can hold the CTRL key and press the Up and Down Arrows on the keyboard.) :wink:

That’s what I was using. Still don’t work until I rotated. Must have been something with the lights. It still didn’t work when I moved it left to right, only when I rotated it.

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Yup, might have been too bright. I had the same issue with my first Trace. Never could get the whole thing filled in.

What wonderful earrings you have! The better to eat pumpkin pie with :slight_smile:


I so want to make these coffee cups for myself!! Do you have a file?

Reminder - forum rules prohibit asking people to give away their work. If they want to share the designs, they will post in the Free Laser Designs section.

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My bad, I saw the pic in the FLD section

Huh, I wasn’t paying attention. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: The file is right up there at the top. :slight_smile:42%20PM <=====

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The inquiry was for a different design by the OP in a later post (the coffee cup earrings), so it’s still a good reminder that someone may share one design but not want to share another.

I sorry, I don’t. The first I did on the computer. The second one was a scan of a drawing. Which I don’t have and I did not save it in the UI (I wish it had better organization). But it was really easy. Just draw big with a black marker, then scale down after you scan. You will be amazed how well a simple drawing looks.

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I drew it up. It came out pretty nice! Thanks for sharing. image


Awesome! Nicely done.