Freezer Holder for little bottles

I feel like the last project I posted was my Tiki Tote and this might make me look like an alcoholic. Really, I don’t drink all that much… But when I do, I tend to want to drink fancy. Flavored syrups tend to last only a month or so in the fridge, which isn’t great given that I tend to want a variety. So I ordered a mess of 4 oz. bottles, and laser cut a perfect-fit little holder for the freezer. I also cut/engraved some maple veneer labels for the top of the bottles.

Pretty specific, but if anyone wants the plans (or recipes for syrups or cocktails), holler. :slight_smile:

Video (on Instagram):



Now that’s optimizing space! :smile:

I won’t lie-- I played with a mess of configurations to maximize the number of bottles that’d fit in there!

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I’m doing the same thing with a divided tray as we speak. (It’s a downer to realize you are eating up too much refrigerator real estate after you’ve made the freaking tray.) :smile:

Pretty cool. But lots of uses for the 4oz bottles - essential oils come in that size and are used for everything from aromatherapy to soap or candle making…not too specific :slight_smile:

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