Tiki Tote

When I get invited to dinner parties, I always ask “What can I bring?”

Because I have garnered some fame for craft cocktails (usually tiki-oriented), people always say “bring drinks!”. Sure! But that is more involved than one might think… 3-8 bottles of booze/mixers of various sorts, a healthy pile of citrus, squeezer, shaker, fine strainer, bitters, sometimes a can or two of soda water or ginger beer. Throw all that in a bag and it’s heavy, clanks around a lot, and can spill.

So I made a TIKI TOTE. (based roughly on a project that Nick did at one point). Can’t just make a bit 6-pack holder because booze bottles are widely varied in shape and size.

I still have a few additions-- notably, I have a bungie strap I want to run down either side to keep the bottles from bouncing around much.

Proudest bit is the handle, which has alternating rings of wood for a nice grip/texture:


that is fantastic


Ha ha! Great idea!!

In my wild youth i used to be a Cocktail Mixer and despite being a non-drinker now (with a one day every year exception) i mix whenever we have a party or games night.
Luckily my wife is always willing to test new creations for me

The art of making a decent cocktail is highly sought after - good on you!


You’re invited, @Tony-Wright . I’m making a dinner party just to invite you.

This ought to be in the design catalog someday!

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That is cool, but the mixed materials, tropical theme and the bottom also contribute to making a memorable portable bar. :sunglasses:


My favorite part’s the tropical center panel…it just sets the tone! :sunglasses:

If you like pina coladas…

Really nice. That center panel must have taken ages to engrave.
I like the finer finger joints as opposed to the larger box joints for this. I know they are basically the same thing.

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