Frequently Unanswered Questions

The pages of the catalog FAQ all 404.


Well, I reckon it wasn’t just me then…

I ran into an upset on the main page a bit ago and reported it via the support option on their website. They never said anything about what was wrong, but it went back to normal so it’s all good.

I suspect a site update or someone is migrating and changing things around (newer program or parameters) and stuff is falling through the cracks.

edit: Hmmm, weirdness making this reply also. Some forced line breaks required editing.

I suspect the bad links are in an include file with relative references and they don’t have those pages in the in the catalog directory.

I don’t think the FAQ is anything to do with the catalog so it isn’t surprising. The FAQ should be public but the catalog is only open to people with GFs.

Sure but it is in the header of the catalog page. It should either be removed or the links fixed.

Thank you for letting us know. I’m looking into it.

I’ve alerted the team. For now, you can can view the FAQ’s at