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I am so frustrated! I bought a brand new Glowforge pro in November. Loved it! One night in February, while it was running, the glass tube shattered. I sent an email and they responded to me the next day! They said it was an electric issue on their part and they would be replacing my machine. I was happy how quickly they responded, although I was a little upset about receiving a “used” machine when my brand new one was only 3 months old. Within a week they had a replacement on my doorstep! I ran it for 2 days and now it’s not working. I’m about to pull my hair out because they won’t tell me anything except “be patient, we will get to you.” It’s been sitting here a week, while my business is going down the tubes!! :rage::rage:

The reality is there is no warehouse of machines waiting to be shipped out. It could take some time before one is available to send to you.


The problem is, I understand that completely! I’m not waiting on a machine, I’m just waiting on a response!

They generally don’t respond until they have information to share.

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When mine blew up they responded in less than 24 hours.

At the time that happened, they probably had current information.

That is the anomaly, not the norm. Right now, it appears to be taking weeks to get any response on replacement parts or machines.


Any production equipment will need maintenance/repair on occasion, and sometimes you’ll be waiting days or weeks for parts or service. I’m currently on day 10 of waiting on warranty service from Dell Business. Businesses generally deal with this by having redundant equipment, multiple locations so they can temporarily send jobs elsewhere, or temporarily hand off the jobs to another local business until their equipment is back up. Time for you to plan how you’re going to handle it.

I’ve had a side business that uses my Glowforge for a few years, and every year has had at least a week of machine downtime for some reason or another. I put the Etsy shop on “vacation” and add a note on my website that orders may be delayed. I had one last job I really wanted to finish last time something on my Glowforge broke, so I found another local Glowforge owner to print it for me. These breaks have never sent my business down the tubes. Customers are generally very understanding, and if not, there’s always going to be other customers.


This. Definitely find a reciprocal relationship like this with someone near you. I do this for a few folks nearby - they make less money in terms of dollars because their cost increases, but they also save a ton of time - which is usually actually making them more money if they are charging for their time correctly.


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