Frustrated wtih customer support... when will shipping be updated?

When I ordered it gave me the 12-14 day window. The date they said it would arrive in my email is not true at all… Still no updates via email and support is no help at all… I get it’s assembled then shipped but support you guys need to do better with keeping clients in the loop. Considering we are excited and with almost $6000 spent it’s even more frustrating when they cant even respond =/ …

It is not always Glowforge. I ordered stuff from them that went out on time but is taking extra days to arrive, I imagine that is also true for what they ordered as well.

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Hello @Nickk, thanks for the post. I just sent you a follow-up email regarding your order - I apologize for the delay! I’m going to close this thread for now, but feel free to follow up to that email if you have further questions.