Frustration - yet

I was disappointed when my previous Frustration post was shut down because the frustration continued.
I realized that I had tried to print the Six Pack Gift Pack on the wrong thickness material. My bad.
I ordered the Thick Maple plywood and was surprised when it showed up today. Kudos for fast shipping. I live in Georgia which is pretty close to Tennessee.
As I mentioned in my previous post I was unable to find the right boot to look on the heel for the instructions for the second and third pages. Refreshing the browser did not provide answers but then I started clicking on everything I could find and finally I clicked on Home and there were the missing pages.
On to printing. Printed all of the pieces and while watching the printing I noticed there were several cases where outside cuts were made before inside cuts and also before some engraves. I am brand new to this genre but I think I remember from some of the posts here on the forum that this could lead to problems with pieces shifting after being cut loose.
Is there anyway to change the order of cuts on purchased designs? Or to even determine the order of cuts?
Everything printed fine except the oval cutouts on the E pieces did not cut completely through and an Exacto knife was necessary to complete the cuts.
One other observation. I tried Gorilla tape on weeding some of the parts as I have on other items. And it does a good job. But I also found that the plastic razor blade, mentioned else where in the forum, also does an excellent job.


You can drag the order of operations on the left side to move cuts to after other operations. However, if the cuts are all lumped together in a single operation, then there isn’t much you can do (but definitely email support to report the bug as it would need to be fixed in the original file).

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So, I think what’s going on with the proofgrade settings is that they are very conservative. This thing (My Pro) can really plough through material my old laser could not. I now have a new problem. Backflash. So much power it’s burning the back of my non-proofgrade.

I would thing proofgrade performance would be effected by warpage (Since cont Autofocus isn’t working) and possibly humidity in the Proofgrade.

I don’t know which is worse. Parts not cutting all the way through, or backflash. I guess if it doesn’t cut through, you can always cut again if you don’t disturb it.

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tape your bed. it helps a good bit


What do you use to tape the bed?

Did you do an owner’s ruler? Can you post a picture of the backside?

I just use regular masking tape. The wide beige kind. It can cause other messes if you dont replace it often, but its great for helping prevent flashback.


In my experience, simple newspaper (2-ply) actually eliminates flashback. No joke. Works unbelievably well.


Thank you for all of the feedback @lcronkite. @bbum thanks for the response about ordering steps.