'full access' user deleted the 'owner'

Ah… so. https://glowforge.com/latest-improvements/forge-with-friends states: “You can also see who the “Owner” is - this is the account that was used to first set up your Glowforge. Other users can’t remove the “Owner” from accessing it.”

Unfortunately… this does not appear to be correct. I created a full-access user (there does not seem to be any other kind) and they deleted my ‘Owner’ access privileges. Leaving only the ‘full-access’ user. So… yeah. I don’t think it’s supposed to work this way. How do we fix it?

Yeek! Yeah, support will fix this!

Whoa. Yep, I just pulled up the app to see, and it seemed totally willing to allow me to remove @timjedwards’s access to his own Glowforge.

Can you get to app.glowforge.com at all? I’m wondering if you can restore your own access. It seems to be just a checkbox, and not a full delete, although I wasn’t willing to go through with it to make sure.

I still have access, but only ‘full-access’. Really, I did this to myself as a test. I wasn’t about to send this out to someone else before knowing what they would be able to do to me. So I haven’t lost access to my glowforge, but I have lost ‘ower’ privileges. It does seem to have been a complete wipe though. The owner had no access rights at all. And I could only add the owner account back in as a ‘full-access’ user via the test user.


So… it looks like giving someone access to my glowforge is really the same as giving them total control. :frowning: Yeah, i can’t do that.

If I re-setup my glowforge will that restore ‘owner’ privileges? I’ll have to wait until Christmas break to try that.

I’m wondering what you can’t do now that you can do as an owner. I can’t think of anything, so unless I’m wrong about that, it seems easiest just to wait until Support gets here to fix it for you.

The forum places limitations on non-owners, but it seems to still recognize you as an owner.

Oh interesting. I didn’t think that it might impact the forum also. And yes the laser still works too, so no rush on this. I was only testing to see if I could safely grant access to others. When I found that any user of the laser could delete the owner, I thought it would be a good idea to report that. (It’s not a super critical job stopping problem on my end.)

However, even if it gets fixed, I can’t retest as I no longer have ‘owner’ privileges, but then, apparently, neither does anyone else. :upside_down_face:


More people should file bug reports! It makes the world a better place.


Thanks for letting us know about this, @ciradrak! We’re looking into this now, and I’ll follow up just as soon as we have more information.

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@ciradrak I think we have a lead on your issue. It will require us receiving some personal information so we’ll be sending you an email asking for the required information. I’ll be closing this thread out as we move this to an email.

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