Full list of safe sender rules

some issues re email being blocked. Who knows maybe beta invites as well. Anyway I digress

What is the full list of safe email addresses we should create rules for. Unfortunately. Outlook.com doesn’t let me just white list @glowforge.com



Are you sure about that? I was just able to whitelist the glowforge.com domain in my Hot Mail (Outlook) account. I didn’t use the “@” prefix though.

Good luck on your beta or pre-release invite.

I see the same thing as @MikeH, but looking back at my Glowforge folder, every email to date has come from danshapiro@glowforge.com or support@glowforge.com

Lol you you where right no @ hopefully that works

Well thanks for prompting me to check. The schedule change email was in Junk and it makes me wonder how many other GF emails I may have missed for that reason.

Awww…did you see the one from Rita that said “since you haven’t responded to our Pre-Release unit email we’ve decided to offer it to @marmak3261 in your place”?

That one is gonna hurt when you find it. :wink:


Now that wasn’t nice :scream:


Made ya look didn’t you? :dizzy_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

With all the drama yesterday I figured a little levity was in order :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s actually how I found the Schedule Change email - while checking the junk Outlook folder for pre-release selection notification. With my luck I started checking that folder a few days too late but Marion is probably a better choice anyway.


I believe that right now danshapiro@ and support@ are the ones you need to whitelist, but can’t guarantee that that won’t change at some point in the future, so @glowfroge.com is the safest bet.

Edit: @glowforge.com

…long day. :wink:

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ok does that count as well for things like beta/pre/prod request for address emails ?

So far, yes. Can’t guarantee someone won’t come up with some new one without telling me, though. :slight_smile:


original receipt/notice of preorder looks to be from hello@glowforge.com

You might want to correct that typo in the URL, in case anybody tries to copy and paste.:slight_smile:

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Finally, my Glow Froges will get the recognition they deserve.


I hope my Growfrogs do, too! :slight_smile: