Full Power vs 100% power

Okay, I just ran into this earlier while cutting some cardboard for a Christmas tree. Settings for .18 cardboard 350/full work perfect. However when I change it to 350/100% the cut is imperfect and I need to use a knife to seperate the pieces.
Any info is good info. Thanx

Full power is more power than 100 power.

The number in the power field is not a percentage, it’s an arbitrary1 custom scale that glowforge set up so that pro and basic users can compare settings apples to apples. So 100 on the pro is the same as 100 on the basic, but Full is different on the two machines.

1 As @deirdrebeth points out on the next reply it wasn’t arbitrary, that was unfair.


and per prior posts by Dan, “Full” is “If you ran your laser at full, you’d still get full life” so it’s not 100% of possible power for a 45W laser, it’s 100% of the power you can run through a 45W laser without burning it out early…so yeah, not an easy equation!

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Ahh. Elementary Watson. Thank you

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