Fumes outside

Does the compact filter help?
My family is complaining about the fumes venting outside

The filter, to my understanding, should absorb the fumes.
However, I’m a little surprised you’re venting outside and your family is complaining? I mean, if I’m close to the vent I can smell it, but otherwise I find it dissipates pretty quickly. You’re not finding the same? Also, material makes a huge difference in smell.

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The compact filter is designed to eliminate complaints from venting. It has its disadvantages in that you have to spend $$$ to replace the filters.

I am curious as to why there are complaints. Is it not wanting to vent nasties outside into the clean air? Is it because your family likes to keep windows open and the fumes drift into an open window?

Another possibility is to get an outside stack that sends the fumes higher that roof line. Some folks have used this method. It requires an inline booster fan, but it does work.

There are a couple topics that discuss this solution.


Works perfectly. I vent at the roof line and never smell anything.
You know those plumbing vent pipes sticking out of the roof? Get close to one of those and it smells like a full port-a-potty. On the ground you never smell that, the stench dissipates very quickly.

I was fortunate in that my shop is adjacent to the furnace room and we had our old furnace replaced with a high efficiency unit that has its own intake and exhaust, so where the old one vented to the roof was vacant. Score!


I have the Compact Filter and there is no smell. Problem with the Compact Filter is that the replacement filters are $250 a pop. I had my machine for 12 days, used it maybe 6 out of those 12 days, light use – a couple of cuts/engraves on the days I did use it and not very large, and I already need a new filter. Not worth it IMO. I now vent outside and there is no smell outside or inside. My GF is on the second floor, so already close to the roof line. I haven’t cut acrylic or leather since venting outside though, and I understand these are really smelly… Oh – and I use 95% Proofgrade material so the quick fill of the filter isn’t because I’m using much non-Proofgrade.

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One thing i was told as i was going through the pollution and effluent portion of my trade training is “The solution to pollution is dilution” obviously not always but its what people and companies do.


PG draftboard and medium plywood will fill up the filter quickly as they are mostly MDF. It’s recommended to avoid them when using the CF.

Thanks for your patience. I see you already emailed us about this and we’ve followed up there, so I’m going to close this topic.