Fun "motel" keychains

I had fun knocking out a batch of motel keychains for my band, The Swains. (Band leader Danny has thing for the faded “glamour” of the old, western motel and nostalgia for the life on the road.)

Proof Grade Medium acrylic with a “paint and wipe” operation for the engraved text.

Could make a fun personalized item for your guest room or vacation house? I can post the svg file if anyone wants it. (Or the orignal Illustrator file might be easier for you to customize.)


I’d love the SVG file! (Got a house in Yosemite that’s almost ready to rent out!)


These are wonderful! What type of paint are you using?

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Looks awesome.

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So cute! would love to have SVG file :slight_smile: thank you


Oh, that is a super cute idea! I too would love the file!

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I would also love the file but could I get the original Illustrator file. Thanks!!!


that is really cool.

especially if you are old enough to remember actual hotel keys. :slight_smile:


Yup…that’s the nostalgic idea: retro.

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Here are two files:
.ai so that the text is editable. Of course, you’ll have to use your own fonts (and I’m not sure which fonts will be substituted and how they’ll land on the layout, but have fun! :wink:

.svg with a blank face. Create your own graphics.

<a class=“attachment” motel%20keychain%20fob%20blank

href="//">motel keychain fob (2.1 MB)


Very retro and cool! (I remember those for gas station restroom keys too.) :smile:


Hmm…Not seeing the .ai, just the .svg?

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Thank you so much!

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These are very fun!

We are trying to raise money for a new playground at my school. This looks like a fantastic idea and I’d love the SVG!! It would be very appreciated by our kiddos.

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yeah, would love to know the paint as well

I used regular ol’ acrylic paint., Just apply liberally with a brush making sure you fill in all the nooks and crannies of the engraved text, then quickly wipe the surface with a paper towel until the top surface is clean. (last wipe with an ever so slightly moistened towel to clean off any haze).

Sorry the ai. file didn’t upload (/). Let’s try a .zip version:

motel keychain (1.0 MB)


Thanks so much for the zip, they tell me that the forum software does have its flaws.

This is amazing! I love retro items such as this!


Super creative! Thanks for sharing the results and the file!