Fun/Unique Acrylic Sources in the US?

I’ve been on the hunt for some more unique acrylic sources (for a year), but for some reason, they seem to all live in Australia.

Any chance anyone has seen US-based options for unique patterns, such as:
(e.g., abalone, gelato, patterned)

(e.g., glimmer, coral, mineral)

I’ve searched around (although may have missed something), so I don’t need generic recommendations for places to look (Inventables, TAP, Canal, EStreet, etc.). Wondering if anyone has actually seen these sorts of patterns for sale in the US?

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I like digging around the scrap bins at Tap and found one by accident. I thought it was white, when I got home it’s more like pearly marble

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There was a thread about this. Let me see if I can find it.

Lol you were in it.

I know - and I’m still trying to find them. :slight_smile: I’ve looked through all of those sites.

We don’t have Tap plastics here, unfortunately. I really want to get my hands on that abalone acrylic. It’s gorgeous.


mine is chemcast a poured acrylic marble? (Looks pearly to me) rather than an extruded one

I have a greyish white marble piece, 7.5x12 I pealed some back to try and photo it for you if you really need it message me


Thanks! I appreciate the help! I’m hoping for more of the colorful options. I’m cutting custom zipper pulls for some bags I’m making and am thinking of selling them to others who I know would appreciate them

I don’t know why Australians have all the fun acrylic. :slight_smile:

In my opinion Aussies live for the moment and enjoy life and a laugh a lot more than Americans. Maybe it’s the weather or the 17 hour flight here that makes it so!


I haven’t found any cool US stuff and I’d rather buy US made as well, but Imaterial (China) has free shipping to the US and Fusionsense (UK) is reasonable too.

I’m guessing you’ve seen them, but just in case…


Thank you! I just found some on AliExpress. :slight_smile:

I had a great time in Australia, but I don’t know if I’d go that far! They certainly did a great job hunting down the super fun acrylic, though. I have found most of it on AliExpress so perhaps the credit goes to the Chinese. :wink:

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And thank you for those listings. I’d rather buy from Etsy than AliExpress. :slight_smile: Looks like the prices are the same.

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How about the UK? Shipping to the US is decent.


Thank you! I browsed through and they look similar to the Etsy listings, but pricier and with higher shipping. Possibly faster, though, if someone had a rush need.

I’m a fan of the Canal Plastics pearls, they’re gorgeous and cut beautifully. Hopefully the link takes you where I mean for it to…


Thank you. I did eye those, but then wasn’t sure. I’ll add them to my list. :slight_smile:

Placed an order from iMaterials on Etsy and they shipped it right away. Then they sent a note to say that they had sent it in two separate packages to protect the materials. They’re off to a good start. If the thread isn’t closed, I’ll post again when they arrive.

Also, if anyone is interested, they told me I could mix and match from the sample sets. I didn’t this time around because it was too much work, but it’s a nice way to see/try a lot of different acrylic styles.


I am thinking about heating up all these bits I have and trying to make some crazy mottled version of plexi, might need to test heat settings outside first, yeah cutting it stinks up the house.


It’s the same because they could be the same sellers. Etsy is full of stuff bought on aliexpress and resold on etsy. While it may be handmade it’s not handmade by the seller which is a huge problem with the new etsy.

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