Fun with necklace pendants



Hi Everyone!

It was a super dreary weekend where we live, and because of that we ended up spending a good majority of the time indoors. So, in between episodes of “The Wire”, I decided to make a few necklace pendants.

Since the cuts were close together, I changed the cutting settings to manual, and reduced the laser power by 5 percent and upped the speed by 5 lines per minute.

Two were made with 1/8" cherry hardwood, and two were made with 1/8" walnut hardwood.

I’m really happy with how each of them turned out!

Though I do think the origami bird is my favorite!

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Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 29th, 2017

Oh, I like the Fibonacci sequence one so much.


Cool! Yes, these are excellent. :slight_smile: nice work


Those look Amazing! Great work!


Those are lovely designs, and such variety. Thanks for sharing!


Beautiful. I also like the bird, but agree with @markevans36301 that my favorite is the Fibonacci. They are all excellent, though.


well I like the golden ratio also but put me on team bird.


Also agree…it’s a toss up for favorite between the ratio and the bird. (But they all look great!) :heart_eyes:


golden ratio is the fav, but three cheers for the cute paw print - very sweet :cat2: :+1:


Hi there!
All very nice, but to me that Fibonacci design is geometrically beautiful and mathematically elegant! It looks so good in that cherry!
The way the elements together unite into that piece of art. The star in the center, inside of the square - and how each spiral gracefully unwind into the circle that encompasses them, contained within the square. Great choice of design! A natural extension of the Fibonacci ratio.
Reminds me of flowing water. Beautiful.

The walnut ‘flower’ is also very nice. Perfect choice of silver findings for it. They contrast so well against that dark wood.
Thanks for sharing those!


Yes, the origami pendant is awesome!


Really cool work, i like those a lot. I did some jewelry making in college and it was very satisfying, though I spent far too many hours with 600 grit wet sandpaper wearing my fingertips to the bone.


I am always amazed at the artistic talents that the two of you have. You make such unique projects that are very inspiring to all of us. :relaxed:


Fantastic work! I wonder how difficult it would be to fill in the spaces with colored resins.


For small work like that you could also look into pouring colored acrylic into the spaces (just remember that resin shrinks slightly when cured).


Beautiful work! Nicely done!




This is awesome!! I have a dozen or so necklace designs just waiting for a Glowforge to make them real! These are fantastic!


I wouldn’t be able to pick a favorite from these. SUCH nice work!


As a jewelry designer, those are AMAZING!!!