Funny text artefact - what are we doing wrong?

Hi Guys,

So the Pro arrived yesterday and I have to say so far we are ecstatic with it. I bought it for the wife and she is one extremely chuffed bunny with what we’ve managed so far but we are working on getting her used to using all the associated software and the workflows etc.

One small issue we are having however showed up first when trying to do the Third tutorial about a custom gift tag. We are using the same pacifico font as shown in that example, and as far as I can see we aren’t missing any steps (for example, we do highlight the text and convert object to path). When viewing the artwork on the glowforge app, it is all solid and connected and looks perfect, however the end result leaves these strange little islands in the text and also doesn’t connect the “s” at the end of congratulations.

We’ve tried it with saving both as a plain SVG and as a PDF, and I tried both SD and HD engraving options within the GFUI… nothing makes a difference.

What are we doing wrong? Any help graciously received. I have attached pics to show the artefacts.

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This looks like you missed the step when you merge all the font objects.

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Ah, doesn’t mention that in the guide? It just seems to say select and convert object to path.

I’ll go have a play and see if I can figure out how to merge!

Cheers for the input.

What your looking for is called path finder in Illustrator. There are plenty of path finder options but what you want it ‘unite’ (accessible under Window>Pathefinder - a box will open with options).

Not sure what software your using but most vector products have something similar to this.


Using Inkscape.

Looks like that was the problem - what I did was use the combine paths tool and I’m just whizzing off a new print now to check but the text looks good this time.

Many thanks for such speedy help guys!


Yup, solved.

Thanks a bunch :slight_smile:


Thanks for the answers @darkdesign and @markwarfel , that’s right.

I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!