Fusion 360 training

Looks like Lynda has added their Fusion 360 training. Since it is only about 1:40 long i’m guessing it is fairly basic, but at least it is a good start for anyone that hasn’t used the program before. I’m about to sit down and watch it now with my morning coffee, so i’ll report back later on if it is any good.

Topics include:
Navigating the Fusion 360 interface
Sketching triangles and struts
Geometric modeling
Organic sculpting
Combining geometry



Thanks for posting this! I’ll definitely be giving it a watch!

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Looks good but I just don’t do “free trials” that require CC # up front. Anyway, butt loads of good stuff on youtube.

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Keeping my eye on this. I’ve been needing to download fusion 360 and try it out. I currently use solidworks and mastercam. fusion looks like a promising replacement

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Overall the training was ok but vary limited on its scope.
I wish they went into more about the interface. He basically just showed you what you needed to know to accomplish the tutorial.
That being said I really enjoyed the first tutorial since you got to build a Jansen linkage from a Strandbeest. Something i alway wanted to do.
If you don’t know what a Strandbeest is check out this link and enjoy.
most of the content i already knew from watching videos on youtube. But the joint section was vary informative.

Overall i would agree with you, but Lynda would be one site that i would say is worth doing the trail membership even with the fact you need a CC# on file.
I’ve had a membership for the past 8 or so years. Worth every penny.
I agree you can find some good content on youtube but it is never as complete as the lessons on Lynda. This lesson however is one of their shorter ones so it is not as comprehensive as their “Getting started with” lessons.


I’ll consider but I have a pretty strong bias against giving CC# for a trial.

@markevans36301 I agree with @ianauch’s assessment. Lynda.com is very useful for all types of tutorials (I think they have 123D Make tutorials as well). Here’s something you might look into: my local county library has a Lynda.com subscription that allows anyone with a library card to create a login, and it even gives you full access to the premium exercise files (otherwise usually requires a premium annual subscription). I used to be a subscriber but now I get it for free! It was a small hassle to set up (maybe because I was one of the first), but the Lynda.com help desk was extremely helpful and now I can even login through my Roku. Definitely worth checking out.


My work has an account, I’ll check it out. Thanks!

This is about as far as I got on my own without Lynda. I had stack of 3/8" plywood sitting around so I decided to get the kid room organized. http://a360.co/2aOGfFr

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Wow–that’s an incredible deal! I usually have a Lynda account (I think they’ve increased my earning power by at least $15K a year), but it would be great to have the library pay for it. I’ll check to see if any of my local libraries have accounts.