Fusion360 Plugin to Create SVGs Very Easily

For those of you who use F360 to make your designs and are looking for a fast way to get your 3d models into something the GlowForge understands here’s a tip. Download a plugin called Shaper Utilities (here). Install the plugin, remember you’ll need to restart F360 if it’s open during the install. Then create your design as you would, say a box. Once you have your design complete, click on the face you want to use to generate your outline then select the Shaper app. The app will then create an SVG file for you with the outline filled in with black. You then import this outline into the GlowForge app and cut away.

If anyone wants a tutorial I’m more than happy to cook something up.

@dan Check out what the Shaper Origin guys are doing with Fusion360 that I’m using to piggyback into generating designs for my GlowForge. Any chance we can see native support like this with a GlowForge add in? Maybe have depth sensitivity and add in a kerf allowance on the export?


The problem with the Shaper plugin is that it doesn’t allow for kerf compensation. For many things, that won’t matter, but it’s the only thing stopping me from using it.

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Personally I’d love to see them expand the GlowForge app to allow for cut inside, outside, or on line in order to allow for the kerf. Really hope they develop something along the lines of an “advanced” feature set for those who might want to use it.

If you don’t mind my asking, have you found something that has kerf compensation in the export? I’ve just been reopening and adding an offset to my SVGs.

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There is a plugin for Fusion360 called DXF for laser https://apps.autodesk.com/FUSION/en/Detail/Index?id=7634902334100976871 that claims to know about kerf, etc. I can’t get it to run on my Mac, but perhaps others can get it to work for them?


I’m using DXF for laser. Works great.

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Are you on Mac or Windows? When I installed on my Mac, it looks like it installs, but it doesn’t appear in Fusion.

I’ve got DXF for Laser running on my Mac. It shows up under the sketch menu.

Still have an intermediate step though until GlowForge either add DXF or allow an offset to be added.

Hmm, perhaps it’s a version issue. I’ve emailed the plugin author.