Fusion360 to Glowforge


That is a magic incantation for sure that would help if were revealed. I don’t know if anyone has published a hack to call a default score.

And although I use OnShape instead of Fusion, your work on the SVG post processing is greatly appreciated, especially that color ordering addition. That is very helpful.


Just an update, I’m pretty busy (its summer and nice outside!). But we are closing in on a final POST:

  • ‘Center in Machine Workspace’ (was ‘use WCS’ == false) is making a comeback an an option. It needs some tweaking though. Centering of prints larger than the workspace is untested and if that happens I would like to print a border in the SVG as a warning so you are alerted to the issue.
  • More colors! The post now creates new colors as needed by alpha blending the core 15 color pallet towards white in even steps. Want to do a power/speed test with 50+ ops? No problem.
  • Unit Testing: I’ll be working on a set of tests that run in a web page that emulated the Fusion CAM subsystem. It will render a bunch of pretty SVGs. This will test all 9 selectable stock points, large numbers of colors, engrave vs cut, centering etc. The code POST needs to be made property re-entrant to enable this. This should find any bugs lurking in the javascript.


We have shaken most of the bugs out now. There was a really nasty one with inch units that refused to die. I’ve moved the development to a full Github repo so I could add Unit Tests. https://github.com/garethky/glowforge-colorific-fusion360-post

The unit tests render in a web page with a bunch of SVG’s embedded in it. Each one is a run of the POST using a mock CAM driver. Test include things like: all possible configurations of auto stock correction, inch to metric conversion, up to 1K ops with auto generated colors etc.

Try it out and let me know what you think!


@gareth has absolutely killed it and the post is working great! What an upgrade this will be. I am about to start recording a video showing how to use it. Will post it asap! Great job @gareth!


That’s awesome, much thanks goes out to the both of you @Secret_Sauce @gareth . Cant’ wait to see the vid.


Hello Everyone!

I recorded a video earlier today that explains everything you need to know (hopefully) about the post processor. It can be found here: Glowforge Colorific Post Processor for Fusion 360 - Everything You Need to Know!

Hope you all find it helpful!

Again, shout out to @gareth for making this possible.



Great job on the POST @gareth, I just linked @Secret_Sauce’s tutorial on it in the Matrix. :grinning::+1:


If you are testing this out, please let us know if you see bugs or unexpected behaviour. I am very capable of writing bugs, just ask @Secret_Sauce! :sweat_smile: GitHub has a bug reporting tool: new issue. Posting them publicly means we can all see what the issue is. You won’t hurt my feelings, this is just a hobby for me. :grin:

Also if you are using your Glowforge for production work (making the same design multiple times) we want to hear how the options in the post work for you. Particularly if you are doing anything like, say, fixtures to position materials on the bed repeatedly. In that case I don’t know if centering is going to work for you. @Secret_Sauce did a great job on the video and he shows how to use the stock size and offsets to position the cuts within the Glowforge bed. We would like to know if this works for your use-case.


Anyone try the new post processor and have feedback?


Chuckle! I installed it, took it for a test drive, and promptly got lost trying to find the screen shots shown in your video…I don’t do post processing work so finding things was taking a little longer than I had time for.

Looks like a big time saver for those who understand Fusion a little better though. I need to rewatch your tutorial a couple of times…kept getting stuck on the setup/post process part.


I’ve tried it, pretty happy so far. I haven’t run into any issues but then again I haven’t done that many projects. Once I figured out how to setup the tool path everything else was great.


I tried it and have had no problems with it so far. The kerf compensation is just fantastic. After carefully measuring the kerf in my material using the kerf measuring jig I made a new laser cutting tool in my user library, did the tool-path thing and ran post. The results were spot on – all the dimensions were exactly per the design.

Thanks very much for this Gareth! (Looking forward to seeing it get built into in Fusion 360.)