G-scale cargo crate - another box

I am a G-scale model railroad enthusiast - mostly around Christmas. I know there are serious enthusiasts who run garden railroads year round. I’m a seasonal enthusiast, then.

In the nineties, my brothers got “soap on a rope” packaged in wooden crates that were the perfect size for the train. We filled them, emptied them, loaded them on the train, unloaded them, stacked them at the lincoln-log train depot, and generally played with them for hours.

2-ply 1/8" baltic birch is maybe overkill; but I like the dimensions and I like the strength for heavy-duty use 5 weeks out of the year.
My initial box was set for a 3.2" inside square.
Once I made it 2-ply, it was just a bit too big for my open-top gondola - which means it will definitely be too big for the rest of my rolling stock.
Back to the drawing board: I lopped off .6" from each dimension.

My kids walked into the kitchen and saw these three boxes. (gondola was already put away.)
“Hey! we can use this in the train!”
Meanwhile, the 4-year old ran to the car bin to fetch some hot wheels to load into the boxes.
That did it for me. This design fit the criteria I was aiming for.

I haven’t had much luck attaching svg files, and I hear that not all programs play nicely with svg files created in other programs, so I’m including some pdf versions as well.
g scale cargo crate.zip (438.4 KB)

[edited: Version 3 has Fragile stencil for exercise in cut, score, and engrave.]


Very cool design and I love the backstory. I can understand it as I’ve always had a fascination with shipping containers and boxes Etc. Thanks so much for sharing the design. My best friend is a professional art shipper and I’m going to definitely make some of these desk organizers.


Love the cargo crates! I could see those for a lot of desktop storage options, even without a train! :grinning:


This crate is just toooooooooooooo cute! Thank you for sharing the file! Would make a very cool giftbox, too!


Yes indeed.
Or soap-on-a-rope.
Lots of uses, certainly.


Very nice! Thanks for sharing!

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The crates are adorable! Thanks for the files. These would be great for packaging gifts.


I :heart: those little boxes! A lot of uses come to mind!


Cool idea! The laser is a perfect tool for modeling. :sunglasses:


I really like it. And the soot is an added touch of realism for a model crate.


Needs forklift holes and definitely arrows pointing to the ground!


Ha! Missing handles, too?


Adorable! Thanks for sharing!

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Love it. But how’d you get so many clamps on such a small box? :slight_smile:

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I love this. I want to make a bunch of small ones and recreate all those action figure commercials from my youth were they would knock down walls of this kind of stuff.

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Love This!!! My husband and son have a G-Scale setup in the garden, I’d like to make them some houses!! I will definitely try these out, when I get a new machine, mine just came today all wet :sob: