Game Night Trophy

The initial design for this trophy inspired by YawString over on his Pegs and Jokers post. Pegs & Jokers

I’ve been wanting to make a trophy for our game night group and had a few wishlist items to incorporate into the design.

  1. The trophy needed to be easy to transport
  2. I needed to be able to update the winners without having to take the whole trophy home
  3. I needed to be able to remake it fairly quickly if someone took the trophy and didn’t return to the group.

I made two acrylic bases, one of which will stay with the trophy and the other will go home with me after every game night. I can then update the winners and replace the base at the next game night, allowing the winner to take the trophy home with them and still keep a history of the winners.

I also added a bit of extra space on the center cut so the trophy tilts back slightly, making it easier to read and reducing the glare.

Supplies: Medium Clear Acrylic and Medium Cherry Plywood
Files: Game Night Trophy (3.7 MB) (OLD VERSION)
Game Night Trophy (3.7 MB) <— New Version (Mirrored the design so the front is easy to clean to remove fingerprints.

Feel free to remix/repost this file, but if possible point people at my Instagram LASER.GG ( • Instagram photos and videos


I have all this great acrylic but have not combined the plywood and acrylic in a layer like this. Nice work.


@YawString Originally did it on his version of the trophy. It’s a really nice look!

Nice! I like how it incorporates all kinds of game tokens. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for sharing. Hope you get to put your name on it.


Very cool! Nice of you to share the design file. If you end up making another one you may prefer to mirror the design so the engrave is sandwiched on the back against the wood. Makes for easy fingerprint cleaning on the front! Thanks for sharing your version!


Great suggestion, I will update the file real quick!

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Updated the file to mirror the text as suggested by @YawString

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Everyone will love it … certainly adds to game night!

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