Game of Thrones artifacts

This is a test piece I made for HBO. I though GOT fans would like to see a piece of the shows CG opening dragged into the real world. I can’t go into much detail about the project but am happy to answer questions about process. All the engraving and the templates for the star were made on the GF.

The star was cut in EPS foam with a hot wire cutter using a draft board template.

The dome was engraved on flat clear acrylic then formed with a blow mold.


That is so awesome. Thanks for sharing! Was the clear domed acrylic just painted with gold spray and some black just put in with a syringe perhaps?

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I wish it was that easy! Getting the specular depth without it looking like plastic is quite a challenge . I ended up using a transparent layer of antique gold rub and buff on the front side and the back side was gold leaf. The inlay was hand painted.


This is wonderful!
Great tip on the rub and buff.
This kind of project is something I’m really looking forward to being able to do. I work on high detail terrain quite often and its fun to see a new technique for making metals


From the look, I’m gonna go ahead and say… WORTH IT! :slight_smile:



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Since the the metal in the opening sequence was rendered and color tweaked in CG it was a tough match. It oscillates between a shiny gold and a luminescent platinum or pearl depending on the angle. I had to get a thin coat of rub and buff in one go which has to be done with the solvent almost evaporated like a dry brush but wet enough to get an even coat. Speed is the key and lots of denatured alcohol to start over. These phone pics don’t really show the subtleties.


Great Work! Thanks!

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Nice to sneak a peak behind the scenes! That bit looks awesome! :grinning:

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That is fantastic! It looks amazing.

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Stupendously fantastically awesome!!!

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Nice work. Very nice work.

All I can say is WOW!!

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Mind: blown! Show us more whenever you can!


Very impressive!

Wow. Over the top! I love this piece.

Fabulous. I was most impressed from the beginning by the opening credits and wished I could get snapshots along the way to look at more.

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You should check out the VR version HBO released. It is seriously awesome to BE in the opening credit areas. To look around you and see everything. Some things I never even noticed. Like one of the trees cries blood. It’s really amazing.


So cool!! I’m a mad GoT fan, to the point that my 'Forge is named Longclaw. Thanks for sharing this!

Looks fantastic! Could you go through the materials used and engrave settings?

Thanks! Brian