Game of Thrones artifacts

Amazing job!

The star is XPS foam that was cut on a hot wire table with a template cut from :proofgrade: med draftboard. Once cut, the foam was coated with Rosco foam coat and metallic pigments.
The ring that sits on top of the star is :proofgrade: med draftboard. The engraving was filled with a metallic spray paint. Here is a link to how I do that: Driver Panel, Out of Control!
The border rings around the engraved ring are :proofgrade: med draftboard with some rub and buff for color.
The bezel around the dome was 3d printed in abs plastic, then hit with rub and buff.
The dome itself is :proofgrade: med clear acrylic that was cut and engraved flat, then formed with a blow mold die. Here is a thread where I have a video of that process: Gold Inlay on formed acrylic dome. Success!
The settings were standard :proofgrade: settings, I think I used the HD setting for the engrave on the acrylic.

Hope this answers anything you were curious about.


Can you pls provide a bit more insight on how to do this? Really great work, congrats and thanks for sharing!

More insight than this?

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Haha, great! Thanks a ton!

Absolutely amazing. Thanks for sharing. As a high school Art teacher (17 years) and huge GoT fan, I got super excited to show my students that the opening credits were made on the very machine we just bought for our program.


Very inspirational on what users can accomplish/strive for. Thank you for sharing