Game On!



Currently a challenge match among a few of the PR users, to see who can engrave on the smallest items…who’s next? :wink:

Lentils with stars. (Tic-Tac for scale.)

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 22nd, 2017

Rice doable?


Might be, but I doubt I could even see it! :wink:


Well bless your pea-pickin’ heart.


I’m trying to put a verse on a carbon atom but I’m running into problems with the font…


Comic Sans. :smile:


You need to be using the Neutrino font, available at all the usual font outlets.


Thanx, I knew it needed to be something sans serif as I’m running up aginst the whole 1.064-micron wavelength thing.


Well, we will find out tonight (now that I can use rice again!)


I’m gonna beat you to it, by virtue of the fact that I don’t have to be at an outside office during the day… :wink:


Fine. Damnit, that means I have to go to Quinoa grains


Ooooh! Popped quinoa is quite tasty! :wink:
(If you like grassy-tasting popcorn.)


… have I missed a trend? Is that something people like? :wink:


How about a mustard seed? I seem to remember something biblical and small about them.


Nope. Never could get into it. :wink:


I have popped amaranth before, and it makes a tasty snack.


Similar process to popping corn on the stove?


No oil, just a couple tablespoons of the grain in a pan that you can heat really hot, and that has a cover (ideally glass cover). Preheat the pan, toss in the grain, cover it, and watch it pop! You probably won’t be able to pop it all before it starts burning, so watch closely and pull it off the burner if it seems to be at that stage. Enjoy!


I’d like to see the video of attempting to laser a popcorn kernel… :astonished::popcorn: