Game piece box for Dungeons & Dragons



Wow! That is gorgeous! :grinning:


I swear I recognize the die set, can’t place the name.


Nice work. I take it that the spell slot tracker and dice box don’t nest inside?


They look like red/yellow Chessex Gemini.


The brown ones in the separate dice box are one of Wyrmwood’s cut stone sets.

The red/orange ones are indeed Chessex.


The dice box magnetically attaches to the spine:

The spell slot tracker magnetically attaches to the back:


Dice multiply when you aren’t looking.


I have a box just for dice:


Amazing piece! Great design. Envy of the table no doubt.






It looks amazing! Are the red tokens sorcery points?


Epic project. Love this!


Yes, good call!


Yeah, had the chessex pretty pegged but they do come up with names occasionally. One I have is I think scarlet scarab? Stuff like that. Guess they all can’t be special.


Man the chessex booth at Dragoncon here in Atlanta is amazing. Christmas for geeks.


That box is seriously amazing!


Seriously sweet setup - awesome job! Original design I’m assuming?


The latest of many development iterations. I have far too many prototype boxes stacked around here.