Game piece box for Dungeons & Dragons

That is very nice.

What a thoroughly thought out and beautifully detailed design!
Is the hinge your own concept? It’s very neat.


I bet - so awesome!!!

Gorgeous work!


The protruding hinges are a simple solution to allow the cover to lie flat on the table to serve as a rolling tray. And to my eye they suggest a place to dock accessories.


I am in awe. Like the time I stood in front of the Book of Kells in Trinity College. (Okay, maybe not quite that much awe, but still.)


Amazing. Love every aspect!

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@markjones1066 - would you be willing to share the files with me? I would love to craft one of these for my friend he is an avid D&D player who loves Celtic designs.

<I don’t know if there are rules against this so forgive me>

There are rules against asking. Those willing to share post in Free Laser designs


Holy moly, this is so well designed and thought out! It looks frikin amazing.

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well of course. I own the set… sitting right next to a Teal w/gold set.

I own just enough sets…
okay, maybe just 2 or 3 more…

Jaw hits floor. WOW!


What are you using for pins for the hinges? I’m working on a vertical box with similar hinge systems. Thank you for posting! This is beautiful work and I hope you make a mint selling this.

Two part leather rivets. Although I think I prefer my results using wooden bearings and I’ll probably return to that method on the next iteration of this box.

This forum is going to force me to start playing D&D so I can have an excuse to make my own versions of all these beautiful things! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You know that physical feeling of awe that one gets? Yeah… That’s what I’m feeling right now.
Just amazing design and execution.

Can you tell me, what’s the blue material? Is that a textured acrylic or something?

It’s textured leather.


Oh, that’s even better in this case.

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@markjones1066 Ok soooo … would you take my money? I would love to purchase the files for my husband or purchase a game piece box for him… seriously take my money. PLEASE!

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