Game piece box for Dungeons & Dragons


I can’t release the files because they’re for my business. I can, however, sell you a completed box.


Understandable. How much would you charge per box. Just send a DM and we can chat more! My husband just started playing and is in LOVE with RPG’s (and his birthday is coming up) Thank you!


How long did it take to make all that?? Burn time and assembly time?


About 2.5 hours of laser time. Assembly was considerably less time because it’s all designed to snap together, more or less.


And you said earlier you plan to sell them, do you have them available yet? Do you have a website where you’d sell them at?


Sure, I can take orders for these, but I don’t have a section for them on my website yet.


Anyone interested in commissioning one of these boxes should contact me directly:


Alternate interior configuration: all dice!


Shouldn’t those obliterate themselves due to ?

A: Tetris
B: Candy Crush
C: Bejeweled
D: Any other knock-off
E: Dr Mario