Gantry moves too far forward?

I’ve had my machine for a few months now. I’m sad that my first post has to be here and not of some of the fun stuff I’ve been doing with my GF.

Tonight I was doing an engrave on a cork notebook cover and the air-assist fan caught on a raised corner of the notebook. I immediately opened the printer to stop the print and the head moved the the back left corner. Once there, it clicked for a few seconds like it wanted to go back farther.

Now, as each test print starts up, I get an orange light and the GFUI tells me I have an air assist fan error. I’ve removed the printer head and carraige per the instructions and cleaned the fan and leads. No joy.

The carraige and gantry move along their tracks smoothly; however, the printer head seems to be coming forward more than it should (pic attached). I can manually move it up to past where the door would close.

I’ve submitted a ticket and am waiting on a response. In the meantime, any thoughts?

FYI, you just submitted another ticket, by posting here. :wink:

I’ve never tried pulling my gantry that far forward, so I’m not sure whether that’s normal or not, and I’m too tired to go all the way downstairs and try it!

Have you turned your machine off since this happened? You probably already know this, but just in case, when it gets bumped or moved while on, it loses track of where it is. If you turn it off and gently move the head all the way to the back left corner (or the center, if you prefer), and then turn it back on, it can recalibrate itself. (The air assist error makes me worry that this isn’t the whole problem, but it doesn’t hurt to try!)

As for the air assist error…kinda sounds to me like maybe something got pulled loose, and you’ve already done the right things to try to find that…but just to rule out other stuff until support can respond: Are you using magnets to hold down your material? If they’re too strong, they can affect the fan when it passes over them. (I never had a problem until I went from 1mm thick magnets to 2mm thick ones; the 2mm ones stop it every time!)


Thanks for the quick response; and for teaching a noob about opening a 2nd ticket.

I’ve tried recalibrating a few times from both corner and center. Still no luck. I’ll go back and double check connections on the fan.

I was using magnets when the issue occurred, but not on my test prints since. Good to know about the 2mm magnets.


I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.