Gantry not moving - UI says "scanning", Camera not seeing crumb tray

I had used my Glowforge with no issue and shut down for the night.

When I powered it up the next morning, several issues occurred.

1.) Glowforge went through the normal start up process and noises. Following initial start up, the machine failed to “home”
2.) The gantry is not moving - not attempting to move.
3.) In the User interface (on my computer only), the image of the previous work material is visible. When logged into the UI from another device, nothing is visible.
4.) Status of machine on the UI continues to read “scanning”

Actions taken thus far:

1.) Restarted computer, Wifi and Glowforge
2.) Cleared Cache and reclogged in to UI
3.) Cleaned (and recleaned) mirrors, lenses and camera
4.) Reinstalled (from setup) Wifi connection
5.) Verified all lid cables are properly seated and closed
6.) Followed all troubleshooting recommendations listed in Glowforge Community
7.) Attempted tricks and recommendation (leave lid open while machine is on, etc) recommended in Glowforge Facebook User Group.

I have opened a support request via email - ticket #123524. If anyone is able to assist via this forum, please do so.

Thank you in advance.

Thanks for taking the time to do that initial troubleshooting. I see you already emailed us about this, as well. I just followed up there with some next steps, so I’m going to close this topic.