Gantry Screws


What is the size/dimensions of the bolt/screw that is used to lock the gantry arm in place. There are bolt-holes on the right and left side of the gantry which appear to line-up with holes in the middle of the glowforge, just between the belts on the left and right side of the enclosure.

I assume I should be able to line-up the holes and screw in a bolt. I just don’t know what size bolt it is.

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When you received your Glowforge you should have unpacked the bolts in question. If not, you can use calipers to measure the holes. I am not sure what you are trying to accomplish. I assume you mean these. Bits


Thank you. I didn’t realize that it was a custom bolt. I’ve determined that the bolt is an M8-1.25

Thank you for the help @dklgood! You are able to purchase the Important Orange and Red Bits in our Shop - here. I’m going to close this thread - if you have a new question, go ahead and post a new topic.