Gave leather a try (Grecian cuff)


Saw the beautiful ancient Grecian carving from the link below and thought it was begging to be made into a cuff. I have no idea what I’m doing and just used PF setting for thin leather. (It took an extra pass to cut through.) The leather was a remanent from Tandy and I’m pretty shocked the amount of nice detail the engraving has.

My husband teased me about making more random stuff I’ll never use. (I don’t wear jewelry, especially not a leather cuff.) Revenge is sweet as I told him what a cool odor the laser imparts to the leather and he took a huge whiff lol. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::blossom::cherry_blossom::rose::nose:



Looks even better on leather than the wood engrave. :+1:


I wonder if Cermark works on Brass?
That, like Leather would also be ‘ancient appropriate’.

You have done wonders with this!


I agree. Although I appreciate the value of draftboard, I’m not a big fan of the look of it. That’s was compelled to do it on a more appropriate material. :slight_smile:


Oh man, brass would be brilliant, especially if you added a nice green patina afterward. Good gosh, don’t tell the hubby I want brass and Cermark now too lol.

Thanks, but I’m really just reaping the benefits of an ancient artist :wink:


Dig it!! That really does slay! :nerd_face: Great Job!


Looks great.
But, since not a large jewelry person you may not have noticed you are wearing it upside down.
Think belt buckle. You wear that for others to see, not admire yourself.

That guy back a few thousand years ago was talented and we can still appreciate today. Amazing when you think about it.


I’d say you’re off to a grand start!


Very nice @kittski!

It really would be amazing to have something you crafted greatly admired 20+ centuries later. I imagine the artist focused on the task, and had no idea his work would endure for so long.


Made me laugh! Your poor husband!


I have not tried it, but my cans of spray-on Cermark LMM6000 say it works on brass.