Laser Engraving in Ancient Greece?



This is a fascinating story, the piece it is talking about is shown about half-way down.

Anyone feel like trying to engrave an agate in response?

Gave leather a try (Grecian cuff)

lol, saw it this afternoon and already tucked it into the Artsy folder.
Looks pretty detailed


For something hand-carved with bronze tools it appears almost miraculous


Wow. An archeologist’s dream. And they are not done with the excavation and cleaning–imagine what else could be in there.

Thanks for the link!


That is extraordinary. What astounds me is the detail in the muscles of the Human body. I have 30+ years experience with crafting precious metal and gems into jewelry with the cutting power of diamond and modern tools. Lapidary is among those skills and I know I couldn’t come close to this level.

In terms of the wonder this inspires, it’s on the level of the Antikythera mechanism.


That was the first thing I thought of, too.


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How little we know, and how odd we give our ancestors so little credit for being driven by the same imagination that drives us.



You said it much better than I could. I tend to think of our ancestors as people who were only concerned about how to keep themselves and their families alive for another day in a world that was usually harsh and unforgiving. Then I see something like this and it reminds me that they loved beauty as much as we do – maybe more for the very reason that life was so much harder then.


And they weren’t distracted by TV :grinning:


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What a thing of beauty and aww. Just had to do it.

(Edited to add this was done done the “photo” engrave settings on draftboard. I saved the picture from the article. Converted to grey-scale, adjusted the contrast, highlights and shadows and sharpened it. I then did a lot of touching up with a the paintbrush. Added black lines that were missing and, more importantly, used white to clean up some of the muddy grey pixles in the face and other dark areas.)




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Ancient Astronauts :nerd_face:


great read and incredible art :slight_smile:


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